To All Double the Batteries Out There- Reviewing Lenskart

So, about a month back I ordered for a pair of eyeglasses from Lenskart just to give the website a shot. It was a smart, snazzy frame whose given price was Rs. 999 and with a discount offer going, I could get the frame fitted with my choice of glasses (the options includes anti-glare, photochromatic, superthin to name a few) for Rs. 525 only!! Now, being a bespectacled spectacle for over a decade, I know that’s a steal deal. I promptly ordered without much thought. I got the order within a week from the date of order with excellent packaging- I cooed over it for hours.

The website offers a chat service, which I sought out promptly; a customer service chatsperson who looked, curiously enough, like Eddie Cahill in his display picture, told me to send an email with the order number and all that jazz. They thanked me for my response and apologised for the inconvenience and arranged for a reverse pick up. Even after many misses on my part, the website and the courier company did not give up on me. When they finally got it back, they offered me a choice between store credit and bank refund. Highly impressed, I ordered again, for a smaller frame this time- there are sizes and everything written on the individual product page, which is really easy to comprehend.


Though the one which I’d ordered previously availaba le, I found a cool cat’s eye frame which I got precisely 3 days later in an even better packaging! Image

So, all was well that ended well, I sit here wearing the cutest frame I’ve owned featuring anti-glare to accommodate my freakish addiction to my phone and laptop.

Get On The Train, Baby!

Anyone who knows about Bollywood movies should by now know what to expect from a Rohit Shetty movie. The obvious, slapstick humour, over the top action and a blatant disregard for a storyline whatsoever smothers any chance of a poignant, poetic classic. And, we’ve all had our fair share of trysts with the intricate, romantic Rahul/Raj fantasies that Shah Rukh Khan has been spinning out for decades now. So, just to spell it out- do not expect realism to feature anywhere in or around this film.Image

But once you calm that critical realist in your head and seat yourself comfortably, let this wayward tale take you down south- to the land of lungi-clad dons, you’d promptly notice that this is easily the most beautiful looking movie that Shetty has ever churned out. What with the lush green locations complete with waterfalls and aesthetically snaking mountain roads, you’d spot the SRK effect immediately!

Coming to the picture itself,  we have a big star-cast, action, comedy, pretty locations just about everything required for a thorough Bollywood entertainer. For once, SRK plays his age (well, close enough) and is charming and hilarious in parts. Deepika floats through the movie looking lovely and doing much justice as the thick accented, free-spirited daughter of the Tamilian don.  Is the humor a tad loud? Yes. But you laugh. Is the action too OTT? Yes, of course but you knew what you were getting into when you saw that Rohit Shetty banner. And, yes, the story can be irrational to the point of being misguided. But, since when has that been a problem in Bollywood? Well, to be honest, the first half is meatier than the second half; which is where the movie slips into a banal romantic angle. But I’d watch it again just to feel my heart flutter when SRK makes those puppy eyes!

We watch movies that help us live vicariously (at least, I do)- to swoon over the romantic scenes, to LOL at the comic sequences and bite our nails during the dhishoom scenes. All this and more, Chennai Express dishes out in generous helpings. So, don’t go expecting a French fine-dine at your local Udipi joint, because sometimes even the best Bœuf bourguignon can’t do what a Masala dosa can.